An analysis of a great movie in sleepless in seattle

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. He counsels his 8 year old son, Jonah Ross Malingerthat it's hard to understand why she had to die, warning his son that if a person starts asking that question, they just go crazy.

An analysis of a great movie in sleepless in seattle

The tool I'm referring to is story decomposition. No, not like the decay of once living things, but breaking down something into manageable, understandable pieces, so that you can learn from them. For this one, I will use another powerful method: Blake Snyder's Save the Cat! Boiling it down to the basics, all good stories commercial ones at least will have specific beats scenes that must happen in order for the plot to move forward in a convincing and satisfying way.

The more primal the scenes, the more the story will resonate with the audience. It's a fun movie.

An analysis of a great movie in sleepless in seattle

Go and get it. Why Sleepless in Seattle? Why not could be a good response, but there is a tactical answer. The current story I'm writing required me to keep the hero and heroine away from each other for an extended period of time. The first third of the book in fact. General wisdom says you don't want to have too many scenes where the would-be-lovers are kept away from each other.

Yet, this movie pulled it off for nearly the entire movie. How did they do it? Sets the tone, mood, type and scope style and stakes. Cemetery, father and son staring at casket. How will they cope? Notice that this is not the inciting incident.

The story has not yet started. What we have is that they are alone. Hanks and son decide to leave home and start a new. Hanks's friends tell him that soon he'll meet someone. Hanks snaps back, "and I'll grow a new heart Can true love happen again?

This statement that Hanks makes is the theme and the movie is really about answering this question. The writer gets this out and in your face up front. The audience wants to see, will this man be able to find love again. The hero, the stakes and goals are stated with vigor.

We meet all the key players in the story. When Meg's mom tells her daughter how she knew she had fallen in love, Meg realizes that she doesn't have a similar experience. She felt no magic. Is he right guy?

An analysis of a great movie in sleepless in seattle

For Hanks, even though they moved, life is still empty. And the son is getting concerned for his father. Meg hears a kid on a pop-psychology radio talk show.

He's Hank's son saying his father is sad because after his wife died he didn't find anyone. Hank's grudgingly gets on the call.

He says, "I knew it the very first time I touched her. It's like coming home. Meg's world has been destabilized.

Typically in movies this inciting incident happens later -- they have a captive audience. In books, you have less time to get the reader engaged. The interview still ringing in his head, Hank's begins to debate if he should date again.Sleepless in Seattle It is difficult to say at times, what exactly makes a movie great.

I Have found that the good movies are felt as you are leaving the theater. The . s. a Grammy an analysis of a great movie in sleepless in seattle Award-winning musician.

s. Sleepless in Seattle was a romantic movie that seems to hearken back to a time when movie pairs from the '30s and '40s brought romance to the silver screen.

An analysis of a great movie in sleepless in seattle

What are some examples of movie pairs known for their work together in romantic movies, past and present? Jun 25,  · "Sleepless in Seattle" is as ephemeral as a talk show, as contrived as the late show, and yet so warm and gentle I smiled the whole way through.3/5.

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A Comparison of the Movies Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail PAGES 2. WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: movie comparison, sleepless in seattle, you've got mail.

Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. Parents need to know that Sleepless in Seattle is an Oscar-nominated romantic "dramedy" about a widower whose son calls a relationship-centered talk show to help him find love.

Families in the early stages of grieving the death of a loved one in the family should avoid this movie, as it centers on a man whose wife passed young to cancer, .

Sleepless in Seattle Movie Review