An analysis of the wild duck written by henry ibsen

Balle, a dinner guest Mr. The gathering is attended by his son, Gregers Werle, who has just returned to his father's home following a self-imposed exile.

An analysis of the wild duck written by henry ibsen

Balle, a dinner guest Mr. There, he learns the fate of a former classmate, Hjalmar Ekdal. Hjalmar married Gina, a young servant in the Werle household. The older Werle had arranged the match by providing Hjalmar with a home and profession as a photographer. The Ekdals initially appear to be living a life of cozy domesticity.

Hjalmar runs a portrait studio out of the apartment. Gina helps him run the business in addition to keeping house. They both dote on their daughter Hedvig. Gregers travels directly to their home from the party. While getting acquainted with the family, Hjalmar confesses that Hedvig is both his greatest joy and greatest sorrow, because she is slowly losing her eyesight.

The family eagerly reveals a loft in the apartment where they keep various animals like rabbits and pigeons. Most prized is the wild duck they rescued. The duck was wounded by none other than Werle, whose eyesight is also failing. His shot winged the duck, which dived to the bottom of the lake to drown itself by clinging to the seaweed.

Gregers decides to rent the spare room in the apartment. While talking to Hedvig, she explains that Hjalmar keeps her from school because of her eyesight, but he has no time to tutor her, leaving the girl to escape into imaginary worlds through pictures she sees in books.

During their conversation, Gregers hears shots in the attic, and the family explains that Old Ekdal entertains himself by hunting rabbits and birds in the loft, and Hjalmar often joins in the hunts.

The activity helps Old Ekdal cling to his former life as a great hunter. It is related to photography, and he is certain that it will enable him to pay off his debts to Werle and finally make himself and his family completely independent.

In order to work on his invention, he often needs to lie down on the couch and think about it.

The Wild Duck | play by Ibsen |

Gregers insists that he cannot return and that he will tell Hjalmar the truth. Upon returning home, Hjalmar is aloof from his wife and daughter. He demands to handle all future photography business by himself with no help from Gina.

Gina begs him to reconsider, suggesting that with all his time consumed he will not be able to work on his invention. Hedvig adds that he also will not have time to spend in the loft with the wild duck.

An analysis of the wild duck written by henry ibsen

She confesses to it, but insists that she loves Hjalmar intensely. In the midst of the argument, Gregers returns, stunned to find that the couple are not overjoyed to be living without such a lie hanging over their heads. Upon his death, the allowance will be transferred to Hedvig for the remainder of her life.The duck in Ibsen's The Wild Duck is a complex symbol.

An analysis of the wild duck written by henry ibsen

This is the first play in which Henrik Ibsen used a newly innovated style of symbolism. It took critics and audiences a few years to catch on.

The Wild Duck. Henrik Ibsen. First published in This edition derived from The Wild Duck; The League of Youth; Rosmersholm published by Boni and Liveright, Inc. New York This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at As in all of Ibsen's plays, the characters in The Wild Duck reflect each other and by mutual comparison amplify the dramatic theme and hasten events to their conclusion.

In this play, however, the characters are not only related among themselves; they each bear relation to the integral symbolism of. The Wild Duck is a challenging play because Henrik Ibsen took a new direction in play writing with The Wild Duck.

First, he introduced the modern tragicomedy and, second, he entered a new symbolic. A short summary of Henrik Ibsen's Wild Duck.

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Wild Duck. A deep garret, filled with irregular nooks and crannies, appears through the doorway. Gregers observes a fowl lying in a basket—a wild duck that belongs to Hedvig.

The household won the duck when Werle .

SparkNotes: Wild Duck: Plot Overview Home of the wealthy industrialist Haakon Werle in which the play opens. Shaded lamps in its rich study cast a greenish glow, giving the illusion of a forest or seascape setting.
The Wild Duck - Wikipedia Gregers is so unattractive in appearance that he has given up all hope of marrying and having a family; instead, he has become an idealist and goes about advocating and preaching a theme of truth and purity. He calls his mission the "claim of the ideal.
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