Diary entry as a jewish child

In the Congo, where a catastrophic genocide has been occurring sincein which up to 10 million people have died at a maddening rate of 1, a day, the profiteers of this downright insidious humanitarian disaster are almost exclusively Jewish and intimately linked to the larger network of international Zionism that has been responsible for every major conflict of the last century. Gertler, a member of the influential Chabad Lubavitch supremacist gangster cult and guided by Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Leibovitch, is in bed with Jewish diamond dynasties that include the families of Templesman, Oppenheimer, Mendell, Blattner, Hertzov and Steinmetz, his main partner.

Diary entry as a jewish child

Rutka Laskier, 14, the same age as the Dutch teenager Anne Frankwrote the page diary over a four-month period in Bedzin, Poland. News of the concentration camps, including Auschwitz, and the brutal killings of Jews, filtered through to her.

Writing on February 5she said: Or even that this war will end one day. If this happens I will probably lose my mind from joy. If God existed, he would have certainly not permitted that human beings be thrown alive into furnaces, and the heads of little toddlers be smashed with the butt of guns or be shoved into sacks and gassed to death.

I have nothing to do. In August that year, the teenager and her family were transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp and it is thought she was killed immediately. The diary was found after the war by Stanislawa Sapinska, a Christian whose family owned the house lived in by the Laskiers, and who had met Rutka several times during the war.

He moved to Israel and had a new family. He died in His daughter in Israel, Zahava Sherz, who has written a foreword to the diary, knew nothing about Rutka before the journal surfaced.

This black hole was suddenly filled and I immediately fell in love with her. There is an Aktion [a Nazi arrest operation] in town. The town is breathlessly waiting in anticipation, and this anticipation is the worst of all. I wish it would end already! This torment; this is hell.

That means waiting for Auschwitz or labour camp.The blood rite. At the dawn of civilization, the blood rite, in which human blood is drunk from the body of a still-living victim, was known to many tribes.

Diary Entry of Child Workers During the Industrial Revolution - Diary Entry Entry One March 14th, William Porter(live with my mum, my dad, and my three younger brothers: Thorn (6 .

30 Comments. jon April 8, @ pm. December 23, - The Federal Reserve is created by Woodrow Wilson. This gives Jews total control of America. Spas Modic July 20, @ pm.

Diary entry as a jewish child

Our country is indebted in the trillions of dollars to the Federal Reserve Bank, which is corporate owned. This past Friday Susan Katz Miller wrote an impassioned piece for the New York Times entitled “Being Partly Jewish.” In response to the alarming results of the recent Pew study on American Jews, Mrs.

Miller asserts that children in interfaith families are not lost to Judaism. Mar 01,  · Before the age of Twitter and Facebook, the best way to keep track of your life was through a diary or journal. For most, a diary is a place of private introspection where one can transfer thoughts and feelings onto paper.

Diary Entry as a Jewish Child During Hitler's reign. Topics: singles, Alessia Garino Diary Entry 1: My name is Winston Smith and I think it is the year , but I’m not really sure, for this matter no one is really sure of that.

I’m a member of the outer party of INGSOC, live in Oceania and I work for the Ministry of Truth.

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