Essay about american sniper

Overview[ edit ] The demonstrations began on the night of 21 Novemberwhen protests erupted in the capital, Kyivafter the Ukrainian government suspended preparations for signing the Ukraine—European Union Association Agreement with the European Unionto seek closer economic relations with Russia. Protesters strived to break cordon. Police used tear gas and batons. Protesters also used tear gas and some fire crackers according to the police, protesters were the first to use them.

Essay about american sniper

The old lessons of warfare had to be re-written by the American Generals serving in the US Civil war. War took a new turn during the Civil war. Old world tactics and training were inefficient due to modern weaponry.

Essay about american sniper

Civil war was an event that was unparalleled in the annals of military history. It was a revolution of warfare in itself. The conflict hosted the first ever use of rail and water ways and armored ships over a larges area of military operations and redefined previous lessons of battlefield deployment.

American Generals were forced to adapt and even abandon the lessons of antebellum military thought. The railway made armies mobile to a degree that was previously Essay about american sniper. Their development completely altered the entire concept and strategy of managing army's. The civil war laid down lessons to be copied and learned for the up coming "Great War" in Europe.

Along with lessons and tactics came the new emphasis on newer and modern units and an increased importance assigned to battlefield preparation and geography. Through observation of the federal military development European observers witnessed the importance of a solid industrialized infra structure supporting the warfront.

The North showed the world how strong industry and support can offset valor and other military qualities. With many thanks to Napoleon turning movements became a major part of U.

Napoleon introduced the turning movement witch could be used to threaten enemy lines of communications and either force their withdrawal or force a premature action by the enemy.

If an attacking force executed this tactic efficiently and with speed it could reach the enemies rear before an effective retreat could be carried out.

A properly carried out turning movement could provide a significant advantage for the aggressors. Now with the defenders communications cut off the defenders would be forced to attack, shifting the fight to a tactical defensive, to the advantage of the attacker.

At the start of the civil war European observers were anxious to see to what extent the American campaigns would conform to the accepted doctrines of Napoleonic warfare.

As the curriculum at West Point leaned in the direction of engineering, mathematics, fortifications and administration most cadets absorbed this text, as it was the only resource on military strategy.

McClellan took those concepts one step further. After rebuilding the army of the Potomac he devised a turning movement that utilized virtually all fields of military discipline.

Had this plan been carried out with full confidence the war may have ended much sooner. Based on the principle of turning movements McClellan planned to fully exploit the North's secure water lines.

This would actually be a water based turning movement where the navy directly complemented and necessitated the infantry, in a sense providing land, were none existed. The goal was to accomplish three tasks, getting to the confederate rear, re-claim territory, and capture Richmond.

This plan showed the importance of fully exploiting all of a militaries resources for joint success. It also showed the American perfection and expansion of Napoleonic tactics. Jomini was intrigued by Napoleons strategies and sought to systematize his methods. Jomini emphasized the necessity of good internal lines of operations, presented the concept of lines of operation and stressed the difference between interior and exterior lines.

He stressed the importance of proper choice of these lines concerning geographical and geometrical factors.

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He stressed that solid and reliable interior lines were essential to the fundamental principle of strategy. For Jomini these were summed up in the following four points: Bringing, by strategic measures, the major part of an armies forces successively to bear upon the decisive areas of a theater of war and as far as possible upon the enemies communications, without compromising ones own; "2.

Maneuvering in such a manner as to engage ones major forces against parts only of those of the enemy; "3. Furthermore, in Battle, by tactical maneuvers, bringing ones major forces to bear on the decisive area of the battle field or on that part of the enemies lines which it is important to overwhelm; "4.

Arranging matters in such a fashion that these masses of men be not only brought to bear at the decisive place but that they be up into action speedily and together, so that they make simultaneous effort. He wrote that an army with tight interior lines can strategically overwhelm the enemy forces one by one.

This principle was based on producing rapid maneuvering of troops on foot. The American soldiers where drilled this, and other, Jominian principles at West Point. Like many of the lessons that were taught at school the Americans had to alter these old world tactics to match and include all their resources.References used: The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay.

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Essay about american sniper
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