How to write a test script for mobile app

Tricentis Tosca Tricentis Tosca is a continuous testing platform enabling enterprise mobility teams to accelerate testing to keep up with Agile and DevOps initiatives. Tricentis Tosca enables testers to leverage scriptless test automation for mobile.

How to write a test script for mobile app

Shares Our initial efforts, prior to forming testmunk, were in the app development sphere, much like our clients. In developing our own consumer apps Tipgain and HiMomwe had the same growing pains, and found our testing process to be initially very chaotic. Our lab consisted of a few devices shared between us, and our release process was very simplistic; if we felt a release was ready, we would each poke around on our pool of devices to determine if key functionality worked as expected or if we experienced bugs or crashes.

If you are a small startup with only a couple of people, you know what I am talking about. However, as time goes on, the features start growing, the app becomes more complex, and of course, things soon began to be missed during testing.

Of course, surprise surprise, our users began to find the bugs that slipped through our QA process, forcing us to adapt, and to realize we needed a more formal process. In these initial efforts to improve our process, we devised a spreadsheet to help track our process.

In this spreadsheet, we listed all the test cases we could think of for our particular apps and arranged them to be run through from a functional testing point of view.

This led us to some surprising realizations…even a small, early stage startup can have easily between test cases. Later on, when our client base grew, we would find that the larger the startup or company, the larger a testplan had to be.


With several clients, we have seen testplans with several hundred or even thousands of testcases. Test Case Template If creating your testing process from scratch, the first step is to establish some sort of formal list of all possible or at least the most probable scenarios.

This will help to bring some order to the chaos of the typical testing process for early startups. At Testmunk, helping companies to set up an initial test plan focussing on listing test cases is often our first order of business, and can be one of the key benefits of our process.

A Beginner's Guide to Automated Mobile App Testing

This typically starts by simply walking through the app with our client and helping to create their plan. In most cases, the first tool on hand is the same tool we used in our first formalized test plans — google spreadsheets.

There are of course more formal testcase management solutions out there, including some free versions we previously wrote about. As we routinely create such test case templates for our clients, we thought we would share this test case template with our readers in order to help raise your startup to the next level should you need it.

We commonly use a similar template when clients ask us to help them getting started in streamlining their QA testing process. Feel free to copy it and then modify it to your own means.

Click here to get the Test Case Template About the author: Martin Poschenrieder has been working in the mobile industry for most of the past decade. He began his career as an intern for one of the few German handset manufacturers, years before Android and iPhone were launched.

After involvement with several app projects, he soon realized that one of the biggest pain-points in development was mobile app testing. In order to ease this pain, he started Testmunk. Testmunk is based in Silicon Valley, and provides automated app testing over the cloud.PHP is an easy language and you'll find it an easy task to get used to PHP.

In this chapter you learn to write simple PHP applications. You learn the basics of PHP syntax as well as PHP's built-in functions. The provided script uses the App Center Test Cloud for automatic custom Smoke tests (based on to run the application.

how to write a test script for mobile app

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Edit this Doc Advanced Applications Management Commands For iOS With WebDriverAgent/XCTest Backend Since Xcode9 there is a possibility to manage multiple applications in scope of a single session. It makes it possible to open iOS preferences and change values there while the application under test is in background and then restore it back to foreground or check scenarious, where the.

Test Case Template. If creating your testing process from scratch, the first step is to establish some sort of formal list of all possible (or at least the most probable) scenarios. Performance test: Performance testing team tests the performance of the web app using JMeter scripts and with different the loads on the application.

Step #5. Browser testing: The web app gets tested across multiple browsers- both using different simulation tools as well as physically using real mobile devices.

A Beginner's Guide to Automated Mobile App Testing