Stem cell opinion essay

Photosynthesis Stem cells are perhaps the most surprising discoveries of science.

Stem cell opinion essay

Stem The American public has been a haven of open scientific inquiry and it has always been a factor in creating globally accepted innovations in biotechnology and medicine. The issue regarding stem cell research has been a widely and hotly debated issue due to its ethical implications.

The process takes the human embryo cells that have been deemed by the National Institute of Health as having greater developmental potential as opposed to adult stem cells.

In the legislative realm, that is where the clash of opinion begins. Translating that into the nursing practice, the issue touches ethics that involves many facets of professional conduct. Professional commitment is shown through a desire Stem cell opinion essay help, a sense of obligation, efforts to enhance competence and compliance with professional standards.

The stem cell research cuts across the professional accountability of the nursing profession where ethics is concerned with the conduct of nurses in performing acts that are deemed ethically right or wrong.

However, today, social values are changing rapidly with the constant advancement of technology and nurses are increasingly confronted by situations that have far-reaching ethical implications. In this issue, nurses must be aware of the ethical decisions involved in such situations as assisting with the actual utilization of human embryos for the research.

Nurses must know their legal rights in such matters as well as those of the patient. It is important for nurses to realize the strength of their personal values in shaping their professional values.

Duffy, To give an example, the state of Hawaii has passed the bill that allows stem cell research to continue under the express, written consent of the person who is allowing the use of embryonic fetal tissue. The state of Hawaii also distinctly provides several provisions for this research and some of these conditions require first and foremost the review and approval of an institutional review board.

It also requires that the physician that is delivering fertility treatment would inform the patient well enough to make a voluntary and knowledgeable decision regarding the disposition of the human embryos. The physician is also mandated to give the option of storing, discarding or donating them to any individual or any research.

Human Stem Cell Research. The bill automatically puts two fronts against each other by raising several ethical questions about the destruction of human embryos, which are essentially believed by loyalists to be human life already.

The legislation process of the state of Hawaii is underway and it has already received several private donors who would want the stem cell research to continue.

The bill that has been recently passed is one indication that there is a strong push for the legislation of stem cell research Human Stem Cell Research. Advances in vitro culture of stem cells provided unparalleled opportunities for studying and understanding human embryology.

Although it is impossible to predict the outcomes, scientists and the public will gain immense new knowledge in the biology of human development that will likely hold remarkable potential for therapies and cures. Chapman, Frankel, Garfinkel, Stem cell research has become an issue of much debate.

One of the main reasons I support stem cell research is that two of my relatives have Parkinson's disease and if there is a possible cure to be found in stem cell research, how could I not support it? /5(15). Stem cell research is one of the important scientific and political issues of these modern times.

Stem cell opinion essay

The purpose of this sample essay, one of the many writing services offered by Ultius, is to develop a historical and scientific overview of this selected issue. The essay will begin with a 5/5(2). Human embryonic stem cells are “master cells” and just any other cell in the body, is capable of developing into a functional cell in the human body.

(Duffy, ).

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Capron. Strong. The American Journal of Bioethics. A. 48 (2). The American Journal of Bioethics. D. Those divisive stem cells: Dealing with our most contentious issues. 48 (2). 2 (1).EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH IS ETHICAL References Hurlbut.

Stem cell politics: The new shape to the road ahead. R.5/5(1).

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Stem cell research is a growing field and it has brought major changes to the medical field, and could bring many more. Stem Cell Essay; Stem Cell Essay. Stem Cell Research Essay. Words | 5 Pages. Stem cell research is a growing field and it has brought major changes to the medical field, and could bring.

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