The impact of internet mass

I need to make a research paper focusing on an issue, problem, question, or development in one of the media of mass communication. With the unprecedented emergence of the Internet as a powerful news and information medium, fears of the dinosaur's fate have been dominating traditional news industries since the late s Nguyen et al. New forms of mass media can be expected to contend for consumers' time and money in the future, just as television did so successfully in the s. But new technologies will not be shut out of the market, nor will existing technologies be doomed because of a historically descriptive constant share of income going to the media.

The impact of internet mass

The impact of the Internet Unlimited knowledge: It has transformed research and education - but you should use it with care. Type any keyword into a search engine and the chances are you will find a host of sites with information on that topic.

With a book or a journal, you get clues - the quality of the printing and binding, its age, who wrote it, who published it. With a website, many of these clues are missing or hidden. Many sites offer texts that are biased, unchecked, intentionally misleading - in short, just plain wrong.

The scary thing is that one mistake can be copied and pasted from one site to the next. The Web has taken the old models of personal adverts and dating agencies and catapulted them into new dimensions. Distance is no longer an object - many international romances have blossomed on the Internet.

Chat rooms are another extremely popular way for meeting people from all round the world online. People can discuss whatever they wish and join or leave whenever they choose.

The impact of internet mass

These are among the few Internet-based business areas apart from pornography that have consistently made profits. So there are now millions of people in the world who found love in cyberspace. Telemedicine is nothing new though. For years live video links have enabled hospitals and clinics to call in the expertise of a consultant in a different hospital.

It is an attractive solution to many of the limitations of conventional medicine, particularly for patients too weak or faced with a lengthy journey to see their doctor. There are problems to overcome with e-medicine. Confidentiality, security and the need to ensure accurate diagnosis without being able to touch the patient.

However, remote intervention techniques should not be ruled out altogether. Today, many ambulance trauma units carry mobile telephones with built-in video cameras, enabling the paramedics to beam injury pictures back to base and secure vital treatment advice. For them - learning from home or their workplace, at their own pace - is the only way they can participate in higher education, expand their knowledge or skill base, and increase their employability.

Distance Learning is the term used to cover a broad range of teaching and learning events in which the student is separated at a distance from the instructor or other fellow learners.

The impact of internet mass

This has many business applications, with most firms looking to speed the flow of knowledge around their organisations and maximise the productivity and awareness of every person - without taking them away from the job in hand. The impact of e-mail on most organisations has been astounding - transforming information delivery and making it possible to keep all members of a team informed about everything all the time.

The practice can fall a little short of that, with people increasingly complaining that they are becoming swamped with information - and that their working lives have become reduced to clearing their inbox.

Companies are becoming similarly worried that misused e-mail is stifling organisational efficiency. The spread of malicious viruses transmitted via e-mail systems have destroyed data, crashed computer systems and cost companies fortunes around the world.

In a sense, it takes us full circle. Our grandparents used to keep in touch by letter before the telephone age sent correspondence with text into what seemed like terminal decline.

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The e-mail medium is more considered and deliberate than a telephone call. You have time and space to shape your thoughts into words. You can share e-mails among groups, use them to exchange pictures, sound or video files, or links to favourite websites.

Effectively e-mail is much more than electronic mail sent over the Internet. It was ubiquitous and not always welcome - which is why spam became slang for one of the curses of the Internet age - junk mail.The Internet’s Impact on News Media. New communication technology, including accessible online publishing software and evolving mobile device technology, means that citizens have the potential to observe and report more immediately than traditional media outlets do.

Sep 08,  · Business Impact; Connectivity; The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective. by Manuel The Internet and the Web constitute the technological infrastructure of Author: Manuel Castells. In all cases there is a connection between Internet-based communication, mobile networks, and the mass media in different forms, feeding into each other and amplifying the movement locally and globally.

The Internet & Global Mass Communication.


Not all that long ago, if you wanted to quickly talk to someone halfway across the world, you'd need to call them using a regular phone (maybe even one.

But the rise of a new culture, the culture of autonomy, has found in Internet and mobile communication networks a major medium of mass self-communication and self-organization.

The key source for the social production of meaning is the process of socialized communication. The influence of the media on the psychosocial development of children is profound. Thus, it is important for physicians to discuss with parents their child’s exposure to media and to provide guidance on age-appropriate use of all media, including television, radio, music, video games and the Internet.

Impact of media use on children and youth